Where should I 'splurge' and where can I save in my new bathroom?

9 years ago

We are in the last stages of choosing fixtures for our new bathroom. This is new construction - an addition on the back of our house. But it is a basic 6 X 10 or so sized bathroom. Therefore, the layout is set. We are at the point where we have to find ways to save. We blew our budget with a full basement. I don't regret this choice one bit, but it has made us have to think twice about other things.

So I guess my question is, where are the places that you are glad you splurged and bought high quality? Conversely where are the places where in hindsight something cheaper could have sufficed?

We are definitely putting in a nice and permanent hexagon tiled floor with black accent tiles. This is a 1920s bungalow, and my upstairs bath is so sloped that when we remodeled we were unable to do this. This is my chance to do a period bathroom.

To save money, we are putting bead board on the walls instead of tile. We already have a Memoirs pedestal (bought used for cheap).

So what's left is the tub, toilet, faucets, medicine cabinet and light fixtures.

Where should I scrimp and where should I save?

I'm leaning towards getting a nicer toilet (Toto Promenade) and cheap light fixtures. But then I look at Rejuvenation and have second thoughts.

But the tub is really what has me flummoxed. In terms of the period bath, it will mostly be covered by a curtain, so I'm willing to get fiberglass. But I worry about the long term durability of this.

Any thoughts or words of wisdom would be appreciated.

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