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help! SO is about to ruin our pool bathroom

12 years ago

the bathroom has green transition tiles in the shower, dark grey (almost black tile) on the floor, and medium grey walls. the door trim is white and there are 2, possibly 3 doors, in the bathroom: 1 to the guest room, 1 to the outside & pool, and the 3rd is going to possibly be a bifold closet door (although i really want to leave the door off and make it more of an alcove (more on that in a later post).

SO wants to paint the bifold door a very dark grey, almost matching the tile, but leave the other doors the same color as the trim (which is how the rest of the house is).

i understand having a different color on each side of a door... but i just can't envision a room, especially a bathroom, with different color doors inside the room. am i crazy? not bold enough? too safe? this seems like a horrible decor faux pas!

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