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Master bathroom help-crosspost from bathroom forum

I just posted this on the bathroom forum:

Hello, everyone. I'm new to the bathrooms forum. I've been preparing myself to undertake a kitchen renovation for a few years now, however, life has thrown a curve ball. Today, I am faced with a leak requiring a complete master bath renovation in a home I was set to move into in a week.

The problem is I am uninspired and don't know much about bathroom remodeling.

Can anyone help me reconfigure the space? I have basic measurements of the walls. I drew the existing layout on graph paper guessing the size of the current components. I can move the doorway anywhere along its current wall, maybe even substituting it for a pocket door.

Does anyone want to help me with the pretty stuff (tile selection, vanity, etc.)? I will also cross post this on the home decorating forum.

Here are my thoughts:

1. Budget is $10,000 or less. Less is more, IYKWIM. :)

2. Function is priority. I would like to remove the tub & enlarge the shower. I love my current shower space at 41"W x 54"L.

3. I would like a portion of the vanity at table height for seated hairstyling and makeup application. Also, I would prefer that spot did not have a door swinging into it. That is my current situation and it's annoying as most of my bathroom time is spent at the vanity.

4. My style is british colonial/the island look.

For those gracious enough to read this far, here is the graph drawing:

Here are two pictures of the space:

Would anyone like to help me pick out bathroom finishes for this project and/or kick me in the right direction? So far, I have been uninspired by Houzz.

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