Hardwood or carpet in loft area of second floor?

8 years ago

What are the pros & cons for each?

The first floor will be all wood (save the mudroom, bathrooms, & master closet, which incl. laundry). The stairs will be wood (I may have a runner put in while the kids are young). The second floor will be a mix of carpet & tile in the bedrooms, bathrooms, & laundry room & possibly cork in the exercise room.

I feel carpet will be the most practical in the loft area, but wood will look a lot nicer. Obviously carpet is the more affordable route at $26/yard vs. 4x's as much for wood. The loft will not really serve any function, except there will be a linen closet out there & a small little crafting area that I doubt will be used too often. No one will ever be sitting in that area or hanging out there.

Thanks for any feedback!

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