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Old Bathroom needs new layout!!

12 years ago

Hello! New here. I've been reading off and on for a few months and love how helpful everyone is.

We have a circa 1971 bathroom that is tired and worn. We recently redid the hall bath and borrowed some space to make the master bath larger. We can't decide on a layout. We've came up with a few ideas and friends have came up with more. Now I fear we are on layout overload.

Priorities are:

1. LARGE shower. (We are tired of hitting our elbows in our Neo-Angle shower)

2. Storage.

3. Re-sale value.

Here is the current existing layout that shows the space we've allocated for the remodel.

And here are some of our "favorite" designs so far. Please give us suggestions and comments. Measurements of main walls are interior wall measurements.

I know in a couple of them I didn't account for real wall thickness but they were quick sketches to see if the layout was even appealing. I'd appreciate any input!



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