Old Victorian Row House - Two Bathroom Layout

last year

I have a 1905 Victorian Row House that currently has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom upstairs. The house originally had 3 bedrooms, but the 3rd bedroom was converted into a large bathroom, and the original bathroom was converted into a small walk in closet in the 2nd bedroom. I'm working to optimize the layout of the large bathroom and expand the closet slightly (stealing from the 2nd bedroom) and turn it into a 2nd bathroom. Thankfully it already has a window! The 2nd bathroom is really pushing the limits of being code compliant with its tiny space and I'm trying to optimize everything for functionality and storage.


-The walls highlighted in blue are able to be moved - everything else is fixed either due to being an exterior wall or not in the scope of renovation.

-I need to have at least one bathtub

-The laundry is already in place and I don't want to move it

-The house is only 16' wide outside, which means it's 14'5" wide inside, and necks down to 10'6' in the back of the house where the 2nd bedroom is. It's not possible to expand the house.

-I'm hesitant to expand the 2nd bathroom too much more into the 2nd bedroom, as it will already be only 10x11 with the plan below

Currently, there's a second door off the hallway into the master bath, but I plan to remove it since it will no longer be necessary with the second bathroom upstairs.

My first attempt at a layout is below and I'd welcome any input or thoughts on how to optimize it! Thank you!

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