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I have worms--I'm so happy!

13 years ago

No, not THOSE kind of worms. :-) I have some big fat earthworms. This is like finding out you're pregnant when you want to be! This is better than finding a $300 60-inch flat screened fancy TV for sale at Circuit City.

I thought I would never have earthworms. This is my 8th year here, and I've not seen any in my back beds ever. There are some spots in my yard where nothing grows, not even weeds.--That's how bad my soil-over-caliche is. I didn't think worms could live in MY yard.

This spring, I mulched my back beds and today I went into those beds and scraped back the mulch around each plant to apply compost. I found three fat worms that were at least 4-4-1/2 inches long. Big healthy suckers! No wonder my plants look okay despite the drought.

I need kudos!!!! This is a big event in the life of a lowly gardener.

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