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Texas Live Oak/ Live Oak!

15 years ago

I have recently moved to North Dallas area and have gained interest in Live Oak trees. The first thing is that I am having a lot of difficulty differentiating between the two, just by looking at the acorns.

I came across couple of trees that had a quiet wide strech of branches but the acorns were small. The other thing I noticed some of those trees had acorns but also had this rounded brown color thing with some sticky stuff coming out of it. All the descriptions of live oaks I have read so far had no mention of round ball fruit. The trees have all the features of Oak, like it's crown and rounded leaves and they were big trees.

First of all, if someone can tell me what the round thing is growing on Oak trees other than acorns. Also tell me a way as to how to differentiate between the Live Oak/ and texas live oak. I have collected acorns from different trees that looked live oak/texas live trees. Some acorns were wider from the bottom and pointed from the top. The others looked bigger in size but were not as rounded from the bottom, but more oval and thiner. Both were turning darker brown to black in color. Thanks.

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