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Red Oak, Shumard, or Texas Oak

8 years ago

Hi all,
I live in North Ft. Worth. 3 seasons ago I bought several red oaks from Home Depot. We've all seen them in pots, sitting out in front of the store, 6-8 feet tall, labeled "Red Oak".
They've been growing nicely, however, I've had people say they are not Red Oaks, but they are Shumard Oaks. Recently someone called them Texas Red Oak. Just out of sheer curiosity, can anyone identify them based on these pictures?
Also, look at these leaves one of the trees have these spots all over the leaves. It hasn't affected the overall growth of the tree at all. Any ideas what this is?
I have Gator Bags and water the trees regularly in the summer and even few times per month in winter.

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