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NEW: 3rd Annual- Named Variey / Rare / Unusual - Seed Exchange

16 years ago

Hi there!

I would like to welcome you to the 3rd Annual Rare/Named Variety seed exchange!

Carley had started this swap 2 years ago and had done a great job of hosting a very fun and rewarding exchange! I am sorry to say that she will not be able to host again this year. We will miss her- but we dont have to miss this great swap. I enjoyed this swap so much last year and would hate to see it go away- so- to keep this swap going again this year- I will do my best to carry on in her stead! I am new to hosting an exchange- but have been trained well by helping Lazyweeder in his "Wish List Swap" for a few years now.

This is an exchange for named variety, rare or unusual seeds whether they are annuals, perennials, vegetables, herbs, trees- any kind of seed will do- as long as it meets the criteria of named variety, rare or unusual seed.

Every one is welcome to join! This is not just for "Newbies" or "Old Hands"- it is for anyone wishing to participate!

You can send as many seed packs as you like- but only 5 packs of each specific seed. That way we can have a larger diversity of seeds to exchange. You will receive back as many packs as you sent in- and I will try to find a bonus from my seed stash for each of you!

If you are interested, please post below by November 4th. I will send you an E-Mail through your GW Page- with info you may need- and where to send your seeds.

Individually packaged and labeled trade ready seeds should be sent in a bubble mailer to me by November 11th with return postage equal to what it cost you to send, a list of things you would like or are interested in, or a copy of your want list from your trade page, what ever is easier- with your GW name on it. I will make every effort to fill your wants if the seeds are available! Maybe you could peek at otherÂs want lists and send a little something special their way... I hope to have all your new seeds back to you by Thanksgiving.

Just for clarification-

A named variety is a cultivar of a particular type of plant such as- Gaillardia ÂFanfareÂ. Gaillardia is the name of the plant, and ÂFanfair is the variety. Another example would be - Black Eyed Susan - Rudbeckia hirta ÂPrairie SunÂ. Rudbeckia hirta is the Latin name of the plant- ÂPrairie Sun is the variety- Black Eyed Susan is the common name, hirta is not a variety name. The color of the plant is usually not the variety name.

I figure the general amount of seed in each packet should be close to 6-12 for large seeds, 24 or so for the usual size and a nice healthy pinch of the tiny seed. If you are feeling generous- go right ahead- and know that your seeds will be well appreciated! Generosity has itÂs own rewards!!

Understanding rare seed is just that- rare and hard to find- the amounts may vary than the suggestions listed above- but please try to send the amount of seed you would like to receive. We all like to feel as good about the giving as the receiving.

If you have any questions at all- please let me know-

Thanks for looking, and hereÂs to a great swap!!


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