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3rd Greedy Gardener Seed Swap Annual

11 years ago

It's that time again!! Start collecting your seeds, and labeling them well...because this round robin is now open!! Keep watching for more details or pipe right up and say your IN!! The drop me an e-mail (I rarely get a chance to check back here so please make sure you drop me that note so I can send my address!

Everyone who has joined me in the past knows how this goes and how much you will get back. For those that don't.....(newcomers are very very welcome, we are not picky so this is the perfect swap for you!)

Here is how to do it. Package your seeds up, stuff them in a bubble envelope, drop in return address label and return postage, seal the envelope up, and send it to me. When I get your seeds, I will replace each pack with one yo

u do not have, take the address and stamps you send and place them on the envelope. Seal it up and mail it back to you :) Most often, there will be even more seeds then you sent in.

Very few rules No seeds from before 2011. No packs of "wild flower" seeds. All packs must be labeled with what it is. Do not send money for postage, just postage please. Finally, HAVE FUN!!

Normally, the large bubble envies take 5 or 6 stamps to return stuffed with seeds, medium 3-4, and the smallest take 2-3 stamps when fully stuffed.

This is a chance for new traders to see what Round Robin's are all about!! The exchange is one pack of your seeds for one pack of someone elses.

People just wanting to share seeds are more then welcome to do so I will even package up any that are NOT for the exchange. Then everyone will be getting extra!

This will be a large seed swap - going across several sites so please get your seeds in as soon after the opening date that you can!

Swap runs from now until November 20th. Any seeds that come in after that date will be returned unopened.

Feel free to share this swap with your friends and your other groups. You can also find more details on facebook at The Garden Geeks page.

As all past Swaps, you will be so glad you joined this one!

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