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NEW: 2nd annual Named/Rare/Unusual Seed swap!!

17 years ago

Hi everyone,

Last year I hosted a seed exchange that was for named varieties only. I had so much fun that I would love to do it again!! This swap is for seeds only and only for seeds that are named/rare/or unusual. No "orange marigolds" or "white daisies". Any kind of seeds are fine(veggie, flower, herbs, etc...) as long as they meet the criteria of named/rare/unusual! If you are not sure if something qualifies please just ask! There is no minimum of packets to send but the more you send the more variety everyone gets!

Here is how it will work. Everyone will send their seeds to me in a bubble mailer with an address label and return postage inside. You can send as many packs as you want but only 5 max of each variety, that way we keep the mix good! You will get however many packets back that you sent in and I will try to include a bonus for each player from my own stash. Everyone can send a want list and a don't want list and I will do my best to fill some of them, I only ask that you post it here on this post as well as print it out and put it in your package when you send. That will help me with organization a lot!! As many people as wants to can join, so I hope we get a good crowd. Last year we had about 9 participants including me so I hope to at least double that!! I know that I was still a newbie last year so I hope that more people will join this year!! We still had some awesome seeds last year! I spent many hours googling to see what the flowers looked like on all the seeds I had!

I think that I have included all the info but if anything that I have said is not clear please let me know! I will see how many people sign up and then set a date for the seeds to be in by. Once I receive all the seeds then I will have the packages back on the way to you in one week or so!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope everyone joins! The more people we have the more fun it will be!! Oh and one more thing EVERYONE is welcome to join! Not just "newbies" or "old hands" since all the seeds are coming to me I know that everyone that sends in will get seeds back!!



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