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NEW: Its time again-fall spectacular Seed Swap-2005

18 years ago

This is the first of the fall seed swaps.. It will give you an opportunity to get extra and new seeds, many new and unusual varieties, and the best thing is you send in whatever variety you would like... so here are the rules:

1)You can send as many packets of seed you would like up to 100 packets but no more than 2 packets of the same variety.... this will keep the mix great....

2)You can list the favorite category if you would like or you will get a supreme mix... annuals, perennials, ornamental grasses, fruits, veggetables, supreme mix..etc.

3)Everyone will receive extra packets of seed... for ten packets- you will receive 2 extras, and for every ten, an additional packet will be added for a total of 11 free packets on 100 sent in.

4)You have plenty of time to get your seeds in.. the date the seeds are due is October 31st-All Saints Day... if you want to send them in earlier you can and want them sooner.. please indicate that, and I will try to send those ones out earlier..

5) This is for you... a great opportunity for you to get new enjoy, and have a great harvest

6)Please include enough return postage in the bubble wrap envelopes for me to return your seeds back to you... if you want to include a self address mailing sticker, that will be helpful, but not neccesary..

7) Seed count is appproximent- Giant seeds-10 minimum, larger seeds. 15 minimum, medium seeds-25 minimum, small seeds, 75 minimum, and tiny seeds, 200 minimum- use your own judgement....looking forward to sending out many new seeds to you all this year...join the fun today...

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