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NEW: New Spring Spectacular Fun Fresh Seed Swap 2011

13 years ago

Welcome to the New Spring Spectacular Fun Seed Swap 2011

These are the guidelines and instructions for the Swap

1) Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate, whether you are a newbie, and would like to expand the variety of seed varieties planted in your garden, or seasoned veterans of the swaps, all are valuable and encouraged to join in the fun, whether you have only 5 packets of seed or 300, please sign on to join the fun today.

2) You have plenty time to gather seeds and send them in, whether grown yourself or commercial, they are not due in until April 4, 2011. If you still need more time this is fine, as it will take a couple of weeks to gather and return your fresh seeds to you.

3) Please leave a list of what you are sending and the count of each and please dont send more than 10 of the same variety unless they are specialty named or rarer varieties.

4) Please either send a return envelope or send in a label with your return address and enough postage to send your seed package back to you.

5) Seed packet amounts, these are general guidelines, if you want to fill your packets that is fine, but these are minimal guidelines. If the seeds are tiny, 100+ seeds, if small 50+ seeds, medium 25+, and large 10+, per seed packet. Please list the seeds you send in, this will help so I can return to you different ones.

6) Those that send in rarer, exotic, and named varieties when possible will be rewarded for their efforts, as this makes the swap more beneficial for all.

7) Please email me, if for some reason, either I dont receive your email, or you dont hear back from me with the mailing instructions.

8) This is to be fun, its very enjoyable to harvest, plant, and grow seeds, it is a great opportunity to try many new varieties, so enjoy and send in what you have, so sign up for the fun, today, you have plenty of time to get your seed packages together, and sent in so your can receive your new presents, just in time for spring planting.

9) You can list your preference, everything, flowers, vegetables, mix, or such, thank you.

  1. If for any reason, you do no hear back from me within a reasonable time, just email me directly at my email address,, God bless you and your family in 2011. Willy your host.

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