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OBF December 2023: Socks for Christmas

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

OBF December 2023: Socks for Christmas

Since there was no OBF swap for November and some of you are shopping this weekend, I thought I would post our December swap early.

Send your partner a Christmas card and a pair of socks with a little surprise tucked inside. Any socks is good. Does not have to be Christmas socks. Please try to mail in time for Christmas. No deadline, as I know we'll all be very busy this month.

Share with everyone your holiday pictures, recipes, traditions or anything you'd like.

Our game this month will be sort of a blind scavenger hunt of December stuff.

I have 25 things listed on a sheet of paper. One point for each picture posted of the things on the list. Must be pictures taken by you. The first picture posted of each item gets the point.

So just post winter/holiday pictures.

When posting pictures, please post name of item intended

Example: Christmas tree

There will only be 1 point per picture so if your Christmas tree is decorated with all 24 other items on my list, it will still only count as Christmas tree (1 point) or whatever name you put on it.

Sign up thru the 5th. Partners posted on the 6th.

Edited to add this note (Tues.11/28)

You can start posting scavenger hunt pictures on the 6th

Also let's limit pictures to 2 per day per person

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