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Feb OBF swap 'A Few of My Favorite Things'

15 years ago

I'm starting this without the LOGO, Sorry, Suzie sent it but I have not gotten it onto this page yet!!!

Favorite things

We all have them and they tend to be favorites because they are easy and dependable. We share them with friends and family to spread the pleasure so lets do that now for the Feb SWAP.

"A few", to me means at least three and also means...Not A LOT.

We should be able to keep the boxes to a flat rate priority size or smaller and not be spending a lot on these gifts. We all have our own favorites in so many different categories there can be a lot of variety in the boxes we are swapping this month.

Lets put on thinking caps and be creative.

I promise some surprises along the way so lets get started.

Sign ups are until Feb 1 at midnight East Coast time and mail by date will be the 12th


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