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NEW: Re-Mix swap

Michelle Reynolds
16 years ago


I wanted to do a swap that was done last year(Hot Coctails) only I wanted to call it Re-Mixes. Nettasura hosted it last year and I contacted her to see if she was going to do it (I don't want to step on anyones toes)but I have not heard back so I'm gonna try.

the idea is: we all end up with packets of seeds that are "mixed zinnias" or "unknown marigolds" what netta did last year was, we all sent in our mixed or unknown ID seeds and she would mix all the zinnias and then divy them up for everyone that wanted zinnias. so insted of 1 or 2 kinds of mixed zinnias you could have 8 or 10 or 20 all in one packet.

the rules are the same as any of my swaps

1. no seeds older than 2006

2. send info sheet with name,GW name, address, what

you sent in, what you want back,what you don't want back

3. postage for return ( stamps or money is fine)

a. if you want delivery conf. let me know and send extra

for it

4. send all seeds in bubble mailer

5. post when you send

I would like seeds in by jan 31st. I will get them back asap and post when they are on there way

I will post the mixes I have seeds for but if you want another mix just post it and if we have enough people with those seeds I will add another mix, if we don't have enough people with seeds for a mix it will be scratched. if we don't have enough poeple to sign-up the swap will be canceled, this one is only reilly good with lots of seeds to mix.


amazing amaranthus - amaranthus, love-lies-bleeding

absolutly agastashe- hysop, koren mint, or similar

coy columbines -

cozzy coneflowers - echnachas, rudbeckias

colorfull coriopsis -

calming cosmos -

dairing deanthus - sweet william, pinks, carnation

dazling daisys - gazianas, gaillardia, shasta, painted

any daisys

hot hostas -

looney larkspurs - larkspurs, delphiniums

mighty merigolds - french, calendula, african

merry morning glories - reg and japanese, moonflower vines

sugary sweet peas - any ornamental flowering peas,no vegies

shinning sunflowers - reg and mexican(tithonia)

simply salvias - salvias and sages

sweet snapdragons -

zowie zinnias -

like I said if anyone wants to add a re-mix just post it and if enough people have some I'll do it.

please post here, it'll go to my e-mail

thanks micyrey

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