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NEW: 'Mix-it-Up' Secret Swap - Newbies Welcome

16 years ago

Hey all-

As a somewhat newbie myself (I've done a few swaps) I've decided that I spend enough time on these boards to start a little swap of my own. Hopefully some of you would like to join. I've noticed many swaps lately that require experience or references so I hope that some newbies can get their feet wet here. Seasoned traders welcome too!

This is how it will work:

I propose we have a secret swap. If you wish to play, email me with your GardenWeb name, name and address, short wishlist (very general), and short list of items you might send (also general).

For example: tastefullyjulie

Julie Andrews, and my address

Wish for:



handmade garden items

Will send:


seed starting items

garden magazines

Just an example. Basically I am saying don't put specific seed names on the wish list because it would get too tricky. This is supposed to be fun! I will match up the lists of what people wish for and will send and will TRY MY BEST to match everyone up. It won't work perfectly (or maybe it will) but it will still be fun. Then I will email you the info on the person you are to send to. Don't reveal who you are when you send.

When everyone signs up we can work out the specifics. I'm not sure if the sender should even get the recipent's name or if they should just address the package "Secret Pal". I'm open for suggestions here. Also don't know if we reveal ourselves at the end or what. We should also collectively decide how many items the boxes should contain and perhaps choose a $ limit.

But please sign up. I won't put a cap on the number of participants but I hope to have everyone signed up by April 15th and have a shipping date of May 10th. We can extend the dates if necessary. IMPORTANT... please DON'T SIGN UP if you DON'T INTEND TO FOLLOW THRU. We want everyone to be surprised here and it would be awful if someone never got a package. I know whenever I do a swap I run out to check the mailbox everyday. It's very exciting so only sign up if you are serious about reciprocating fairly.

Thanks and sign up!

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