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Update on seedlings

Hi guys! Remember how some of us posted updates on our seedlings? Well I thought it would be fun if I share photos of some of mine that surpassed the 1 year stage. Out of all that I planted in spring '12, I have 3 that I kept, vera cruz rose, queen of hearts, & deep desire.

VCR - is peaking at 16 inches tall, has 2 branches, an I had to up it to a 2 gallon due to roots coming out of the drain holes. It's leaves are normal colored & normal shape, not round or long.

Queen of Hearts - is peaking at about 10-11 inches, is the fattest of the 3, and has really dark green/bronze colored leaves which are round then comes to a point at the end of then with red veins so I am hoping that when it does bloom that I might get a pretty red. This too I had to repot in a 2 gallon. So far this one is my favorite out of the three looks wise.

Deep Desire - i don't know how tall it is as I forgot but it has dark leaves too but not as dark as QOH, its leaves are more longer and pointed.

When I repotted VCR & QOH, they had very good roots almost like a cutting would. Also after putting them in a gallon early this year or late of last year and sitting them out this season, they really have grew a bunch, plumped up (qoh is fat / big around as my thumb!) and are starting to look like real plumerias.

After my success from these, it has inspired me to grow more, so I am currently trying to germinate some of kimo, penang peach (1 sprouted), just peachy, mr ambassador, moragne 23, wildfire (1 sprouted, 2nd is coming up), vera verde (1 is coming up), quandamooka, & vera cruz luticia.

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