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I don't really see them as pests...but...Yellow Jacket problem?

14 years ago

I have yellow jackets that have clearly nested in my concrete foundation. They are entering a hole that is between my brick chimney and into the limestone block foundation. I have no clue of the actual "breakdown" of the foundation of my house and if they are able to actually be nesting inside the wall from the location they are entering or anything...???

Four cans of yellow jacket spray have not even remotely phased them.

Anyway, I have some questions:

1) I understand that as the weather gets colder, they will leave/die and I can just plug the this true?

2) Do they make a nest like a honeybee?

3) There is no way I can remove the nest after they leave/die. What on earth do I do? Leave it in there? Am I going to have major issues then?

4) If I am uninformed and they do NOT die...what the heck do I do?

I wanted to avoid calling an exterminator and just letting them ride out their life cycle. Am I being stupid?

I have had no issues with them all summer, in spite of the fact that their entrance is right by the spigot.

Thanks in advance!


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