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Is this a spider mite or a soil mite?

last month

I originally spotted this type of mite in my sphagnum moss prop box (closed box kept at ~100% humidity) and checked my recently propagated Cebu Blue which had a few of the mites in the photos above. I’m confused because the Cebu Blue had a humidity dome on it and I’ve heard mixed things as to whether spider mites live in humid environments. The plant itself has no damage and no webbing, but I can’t tell if that’s just because there are still very few mites. I doused the plant in some neem oil / castile soap and after still seeing a mite a few days later doused it in Captain Jack’s Dead Bug spray, so I was wondering about the possibility of soil mites staying on the leaves where the spray dried already. I removed the humidity dome yesterday and noticed today that while there are a few mites on the leaves still, more are in the damp soil / sitting on top of the damp bark mixed into the soil. Any idea what kind of mite this is? The first three images are ~50x magnification, but by bare eye the mites is a speck / barely visible.

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