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is Yellow Stem around Roots Normal

last month
last modified: last month

Recently, Garden Roses LLC shared a photo on their social media showcasing the healthy roots of one of their propagated roses. However, some users, including myself, raised concerns in the comment section regarding the noticeable yellowing of the stem around the roots, suggesting a potential health issue with the rose plant. Unfortunately, these comments were deleted overnight.

In response, I reiterated that this rose plant appears to have a significant health issue, evident from the yellowing stem around the root area. As a rose vendor and grower, they have a responsibility to educate their customers and followers on how to identify a sick plant. By intentionally removing those concerning comments and avoiding discussion, they may be inadvertently misleading their audience.

Subsequently, I found myself blocked from their account.

What are your thoughts on the presence of yellow stems around the roots? Do you think it is normal?

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