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composted manure source for soil building/mulch in CT

14 years ago

Just wanted to pass along a tip to fellow gardeners in CT. Recently met a dairy farmer in Hebron who has a lot of cow manure for sale in various stages of composting from fresh/still cooking to aged and complete. It is manure mixed with wood chip bedding. It is not screened, but what i received was not any worse than what i've seen in municipal compost. Haven't had it tested yet, but it looks great. His prices are fair/reasonable and he's willing to sell in large or small quantities. My town does not provide free compost, so i bought a bunch from him. Otherwise, i have no connection to him or his farm. His name is Ryan and his phone number is 860 268 2979.

BTW - if anyone knows of other good sources of farm animal manure near Middletown, i'd like to know. Thanks.


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