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Mushroom compost, kraal manure or chicken manure?

5 years ago

Hi all. I have not been able to check the forum a lot recently as we have been relocating while my toddler daughter also ended up in hospital with a partially amputated fingertip when she dropped a heavy wooden frame on her finger while I was giving medicine to our baby. We went to the orthopaedic surgeon again today and at least she is doing fine under the circuimstances. Now back to roses :-) As you can imagine, it was quite hard to say goodbye to my old garden, which I started from scratch on an undeveloped plot. I could not bear to part with so many plants, and eventually took about 200 roses (and some other plants as well) with me in planting bags. When I started the previous garden, I created the gardenbeds bit by bit and just worked in some good quality compost as I went along. Now I must try to get as many as possible of my roses in the ground before spring as they will suffer in the planting bags in the heat of summer (many are climbers as well). I want to start amending the soil asap. We can buy one of three options if we buy bulk from a specific company and I would appreciate your advice on the best option greatly. They have mushroom compost, kraal manure (lifestock manure), and chicken manure. I also have lots of leaves from the mature indigenous trees on the new property that I can also add to the soil. Which one should I order for my roses?Please advise :-)

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