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Show Us Your Landscape and Gardens-A Photo Thread - May 2024

If anyone is interested, I can add more links to threads from previous years.

Show Us Your Landscape and Gardens - A Photo Thread April 2024

Show Us Your Landscape and Gardens-A Photo Thread - May 2023

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  • last month

    Part II:

    New front road bed and slope. About 14 tulips blooming out of the 400 or so I planted.

    Oh, how the deer had quite the buffet! LOL!

    An azalea that the deer actually leave alone. Wonders will never cease.

    OK, so I'm officially in love with this groundcover. I bought 3 about 20 years ago and they hardly did anything. In the last few years it has just spreadh throughout the whole border.

    It's ligonberry. No berries, but love the tiny, dark green foliage. Now growing through astilbes and other plants, so will be interesting to see if I can dissect it out of the plants.

    I said I wasn't a fan of ajuga, but this chocolate chip ajuga is about he only groundcover that comes back on my stone staircase. Everything I have tried has failed.

    My husband has been very hard at work edging the entire backyard. 2 really long edges and then 4 floating beds in middle. It's a lot, a lot, a lot. He is amazing and always so helpful int he garden.

    Glaucidium never ceases to amaze how it wants to bloom just as soon as the leaves start coming up. It starts a bit slow but then jumps out of the ground. The leaves get very big as the season goes on.

    Can't wait to see some other pictures coming in!!!

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    I just downloaded and uploaded photos for the 1st time in 2 weeks. I doubt I'll get the June thread up tonight - since I want to finish dealing with my photos. But I'll have it up some time tomorow. prairiemoon - I usually buy my clematis from the Middlesex Conservation District. They have a spring plant sale every year. That is where I got Carnaby this year. I'm starting lunaria from seed since I only had 1 little plant - which I stole from somewhere. And I don't have enough patience to wait for it to reseed itself! claire - your comment about Siberian Iris being a weed got me thinking about mine. I've been putting them around the pond. These are the siberian irises I've transplanted - the 3 photos are 1 year old plants, 2 year old plants and 3 year old plants. terrene - what an amazing path of digitalis. I see lots of blossoms forming, but no blooms yet.
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    I have been gone for almost two weeks, and much has changed in the yard, thankfully. One of my favorite azaleas is blooming, this view which looks upwards into it. I like for its luminous white-pink blooms and because you can see the topmost blooms from the back deck. These tiarellas were rescued from near extinction last year, and they grew from extremely small starts to what you see below. I think I'm going to add some more for a mass planting. And, I LOVE the cobalt blue of the Brunnera. I will definitely turn that into a mass planting. These were abused by the plowman, and still look good this year. I thought they were goners. Just wish the variegated leaf forms would grow from seed. I bought four Percy Wiseman Rhododendron this year. I LOVE these colors. The buds are bright pink, but the flowers are light pink tinged with yellow. The three colors simultaneously on the plant are just gorgeous. And, ending with a very pleasant surprise. I ordered roughly 15 bare-root peonies last year in the fall from GH Wild. I planted them in rich well-prepared soil, and nearly all of them have buds this year. Did NOT expect that. It's going to be exciting! Below is one with two big fat buds. As a side note, I am realizing that these spring-blooming trees and shrubs are a good color bridge between bulbs and my "normal" herbaceous perennial season. The new azaleas may be off their true bloom time since they were just purchased and I'm assuming are under more of a greenhouse/grower timeline. But, I'm hoping next year they are blooming during this needed "bridge" time.
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    Surprise, there is a November thread already - good job Babs! Glad to see you are taking lots of photos of your property. That first photo is gorgeous! I love the mist in the background and the color of the sky with the pretty clouds. Quite a constrast to no leaves! We haven't gotten to that stage yet. Sue - lots of pretty plants still blooming in your garden. You do get your money's worth! That C. weyrichii Apricot is a very pretty color! My Mums bloom late too but at least this year, the warm weather is so extended that I feel like I am getting my money's worth. What a cute photo of the cat enjoying the darkening sky! Deanna - I love your friend's roses - the color combinations are so pretty! I was out yesterday moving plants around - it was such gorgeous weather, I didn't want to go back in the house. [g] My Mums are still blooming but after a rain, they splayed open and are half on the ground. Doesn't matter, they are still very pretty in beds of leaves. This is 'Beverly' this morning. I am really enjoying this rose. You can see how tall it is. It was not described as a climber but it sure seems to want to perform that way. After deadheading the first blooms, these canes shot up about 8-10ft. And really the photo does not do it justice. When I walked out the front door earlier - the stems are nice and red and it's just a very pretty sight. I do want to provide some support next year. Here's a close up of a few blooms... This is 'Savannah' Another rose that a photo doesn't quite capture how beautiful it is. It has a luminous quality to the color and the petals arrange with a button center like an old rose. Both roses are still very fragrant. Here is a very poor photo of my Penstemon 'Dark Towers'. A few weeks ago it was gorgeous. Attractive seedheads and multi shades of red, still looking pristine. It's looking quite raggedy today. I'm moving them around this fall to try to get a better combination of their fall colors.
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    Marie, I love your Merry Bells. I just bought one of those and I’m looking forward to next year with it. It’s already past bloom right now and not in the ground yet. Sorry to hear about your Redbud. I had the same trouble with my Japanese Maple ‘Bloodgood’ this year for the first time. It has leafed out but a LOT of dead branches up there in the canopy. I’m going to try to keep it watered well this season which is not easy if we are not getting rain. How do you irrigate your garden? Love your Calycanthus. I added one a few years ago and it was small, it was still getting established and the rabbits ate it down to the ground over the winter. It has come back up and is about 8” high now, but I wonder what the point is if the rabbits will repeat that next year. Thanks for reminding us of Claire! The forum hasn’t been the same without her. I miss her ocean views and her birds, her kind thoughtful posts and her consistent participation. Deanna, Your Sagae looks great, compared to mine, that the rabbits have nibbled around a number of the leaves. Is ‘Blue Moon’ a woodland Phlox or Phlox paniculata? Poor Azalea! I feel like that is going to be my story with the rabbits and my Calycanthus. That ‘pot ghetto’ doesn’t look so bad. I had mine down to zero last year, but I’ve done a lot of transplanting and moving around this spring and I have one started again. Soon to have a LOT more added to it. [g] I’m so sorry that you are having trouble with posting to Houzz. Not in the least surprising, but sad, because there seems to be no hope of them straightening themselves out to offer a better experience. I continue to think they are short staffed and I won’t be surprised if we go to post one day and it doesn’t exist any more. I seem to be able to post and post photos without any issues. It’s only when I need to do a search of the forums that I start getting frustrated. Or try to use the messaging function. And my notifications on comments is hit or miss. But I use my laptop - an Apple. I know some people use a tablet. If you have one, it might work to post from there. I haven’t been posting in part because I’ve been too busy. I was able to hire someone to help in the garden and I have been able to tackle some projects that have been on the back burner for awhile. And I’ve been ripping apart some of my beds, so they haven’t really been great for photos. We are also in the process of getting some of our fencing replaced and I’m going to need to move a LOT of plants that will be in the way, that I don’t want to get trampled in the process. Which is not a bad thing, because it is along a border that needs a complete renovation any way. I’m almost finished with my front bed, except for a new vegetable area that I’m stuck on. I have to do something to protect it from rabbits and the ideas I had to do that are just not working out. But something will work out, it’s just time consuming and not the fun part of gardening. In the mean time I have opted to grow more vegetables in containers this year. My raised beds in the back are just not doing the job any more. Not enough sun, tree roots, and 9 year old wooden beds. That’s about it from here. I would take a few photos but it’s very windy here today. A nice breeze to sit out and enjoy the day but not great for photos. I’ll take some and start a June thread this week. Hope everyone is enjoying the Memorial Day weekend!!
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  • last month
    last modified: last month

    Thyme2dig - The front of your house looks gorgeous!

    The deer ate all those tulips?! wow.

    No berries on the Ligonberry? Maybe put a little in more sun? Pretty plant, I love ground covers, instead of mulch or weeds.

    I love Ajuga. I had about 4 different varieties and only one of them took. The others didn’t keep coming back. I thought that was a riot, because they are supposed to get so out of control. I tried Chocolate chip, but the only one that comes back for me, is ‘Black Scallop’. But it’s really nowhere near being invasive. It is the same size this year as the year I planted it. I almost lost it last year.

    I love the new edging on your beds. DH did a great job, that is not our favorite job here. It’s laborious and feels like it will never, but when it is done, it makes such a big difference. Didn’t you have a set of pavers that you made from glass pieces, like a mosiac? Where are those in relation to this photo #5 of the newly edged bed?

    LOL That is going to be a lot of mulch. But you do have a LOT of leaves! We chop ours with the lawn mower, I’ll have to take a photo of our pile. [g]

    How do you like our pile of branches? It was a very windy winter and we had a lot of fallen branches. We worked on it for an hour and a half today and barely made a dent in it. I'm using them as a base for a lasagna bed or two.

    That’s pretty surprising the Hostas winter over under your deck. I didn’t know Hostas were that hardy. That’s Fire Island? Nice.

    Thanks for the offer of Fire Island. If I remember right it does better in your garden than it did in mine. And I have discovered, that I dug up a division of ‘June’ and moved it to under the Japanese Maple and it comes up looking similar to the color of Fire Island in that position. Odd.

    I’ve been potting up extras this year.

    Andromeda? I don’t think I am familiar. Fragrant? I’m going to have to look for that one.

    Yes, please do a separate thread on Epimedium.

    One of the new fence panels. the old fence had a wide board and they were falling apart. And it was 4ft tall in this position. I had them make the new panel 5ft tall, so it would screen out the meter and wires on the side of the house. I used to have this sign on this same section but now it is more noticeable at the 5ft height. It has weathered very well. It's made of concrete, I think, with some sort of paint over it.

  • last month

    PM2, i love the concrete panel. That is soooo pretty. That is A LOT of branches from your yard. Glad you will be able to put them to use.

    I've been wanting to do many perennials in pots. You should be able to overwinter anything 2 zones colder in pots (but i think prob Z4 would be OK here under my deck), but i've always worried about ceramic pots cracking with snow, rain, freeze, thaw. It's happened one too many times. This winter I tried a handful of them under the deck and it worked well. Now I'm thinking up what else I can pot up for overwintering. I have to check zone of ligularia which reseeds a lot for me. Wouldn't mind spotting that purple/red color in some of the shade beds in the back. That might be my next batch of pots.

    I'm all about the shade beds/plants right now. The sunny stuff is doing great, but the cottage garden comes into its own in June/July. RIght now it's the pretty shade stuff. Buckle up, I took a lot of photos (now that I found an easy way to shoot/post to GW).

    THis is upright wild ginger. I thought I lost it but it has returned. I can't say I'm in love with this one, but it's different and not readily available, so it'll stay.

    I think this is anemone ranunculoides.

    Love all the textures/colors in the big shade bed.

    This is what the Jeffersonia looks like now. The leaves will continue to get bigger and it will get a bit more leggy/spread out as the season progresses. Love how all the lenten rose are still going while the epimediums are joining the show.

    Random shot of a section of the shade garden.

    The glaucidium is really starting to open and unfurl leaves and flowers. The bleeding heart behind it has moved itself underneath my deck. I find that utterly amazing that the root ball has moved over 15 years or so. It will fill the entire empty area in front of it.

    prairiemoon2 z6b MA thanked Thyme2dig NH Zone 5
  • last month

    More shade........

    V. cayuga getting ready to pop. I have lots of viburnum varieties and really enjoy each one of them.

    My dwarf larch grows a little bit each year. So soft and fuzzy.

    White epimedium with a couple lenten rose and a white quince.

    Oh my dear. I don't even remember what this is, but I do know that when I planted it I knew it would get huge leaves and take over a large area, but it liked wet soil.

    I planted it in the driest place I had on the property just for some interest. Well, it adapted and now it's getting a bit scary. I think i'm going to dig a bunch up and just move it way back in the border where it can do whatever it wants. I do love it, but it's creeping into the lawn now.

    After being eaten by deer for years, and planted in too much shade, Magnolia Jane finally has some flowers.

    Double Kerria japonica. Runs quite a bit but pretty easy to keep in check.

    prairiemoon2 z6b MA thanked Thyme2dig NH Zone 5
  • last month

    Shade bed filling in.

    From above. All of the bare spaces will be filled in with hostas and all the plants just getting their full season foliage.

    Mukdenia took a very long time to do anything for me but it's finally putting out some good flowers. The violets give me palpitations......I've been going through my cottage beds getting rid of all of them. That's my main task these days is weeding out violets.

    Perennial sweet pea. I find it grows in shade and reseeds just as readily as in the sun (which maybe isn't so great but easy to weed out. I have a pink one in the cottage garden in full sun. So they can tolerate either.

    There is so much variety in the shade bed that I always like finding nice combinations when looknig from different angles.

    And the best for double trillium. Spent a FORTUNE for a 2-stemmed plant. It grew to a nice big clump. A few years ago I thought it was dead (thought voles were getting to it) so I dug it all up, realized it was perfect, just normal summer dieback (which i had not remembered it ever doing before) so I took the opportunity to divide it. Now I have it in multiple places. Such a gorgeous flower. Well worth the investment even though I choked on the price at the time! LOL!!

    prairiemoon2 z6b MA thanked Thyme2dig NH Zone 5
  • last month

    PM2, Andromeda = Pieris. I have a bunch of them and some are really fragrant. Very subtle sweet smell. Not cloying at all. I planted a few dwarf in middle of my slope to mimic the other larger ones i have in front. They seem to do well in sun or shade.

    My mosaics are uncovered (YAY! SPRING!) and on the back deck where they've been and will stay. I tried to put them into the grass back in the garden for some art, but they got lost so now they lean on the deck. Pictures are so easy for me now I just ran out and shot a couple!

    These are not placed yet for the season. They're 24" x 24" and weigh about 70 lbs each so not fun to move them, but easier to tarp when they're together. They'll be amongst some pots on the back deck.

    So strange June looks like Fire Island? Is it possible a little root from Fire Island actually did survive and is now just coming up?

    Yes, deer ate all the tulips. They eat everything. I'm going to apply Liquid Fence again tomorrow. They have stayed away since the last time I sprayed it. I want to keep ahead of them. You know, for all those pots of hosta that they'll come to eat! LOL!

    prairiemoon2 z6b MA thanked Thyme2dig NH Zone 5
  • last month
    last modified: last month

    Thyme - I was going to ask you if andromeda was the same as Pieris. I LOVE Pieris. I’ve tried it twice and it never prospered here for some reason. M&U have one large nice one in their yard and it is in bloom right now but I don’t think it is fragrant. I should try getting one again.

    THERE are your mosaics….wow, I forgot how colorful they are! I really like them on the deck rather than in the lawn. Much more accessible. They are real garden art! 70 pounds each?! Lol that’s wild. Well, then I guess you need to get them somewhere where you don’t have to move them all season. [g]

    I’ll take a photo of the June Hosta that looks like Fire Island…not exactly, just a much lighter shade that looks almost as light as the yellow of Fire Island.

    Edit: I got the photo - 1st one is the division of June under my Bloodgood and in more shade I thought it was much lighter than the original. But I just took a photo of the original June and I guess it looks pretty much alike. It is as close to yellow as I have in the garden I guess.

    Yes, liquid fence for your deer. I can imagine how horrible you felt after putting in 400 tulip bulbs that they ate most of them. Crazy. They don’t eat Daffodils, right?

    That reminds me I’m still covering a lot of my hostas and Epimedium at night just in case the rabbits get in the yard. So I need to get out there soon and do that for the night.

    Photo # 3 - Is that a Hellebore on the Right? It’s huge! You really have some unusual plants in that shade area.

    Violets? What color are they? I have white in my lawn which I’m not that crazy about, but purple violets, I LOVE. I’d take some off your hands if they are purple. :-) I bought Queen Charlotte? Viola and it is purple and fragrant. It disappeared for the most part. I have maybe one left. I also had Viola Labradorica and that has dark foliage and is purple and that seeded around for awhile, but two years ago, most of those died.

    Perennial Sweet Pea? I never heard of that. Such a pretty purple color and is it fragrant? And the double Trillium is amazing! Well worth having.

    Viburnum looks like it’s going to open with some big flowers….are they pink? Almost looks like a V.caressi flower?

    What is that plant that is moving into your lawn?

    A Magnolia ‘Jane’? Gee, the deer eat everything! Just think how many plants you would have if they didn’t. Lol

  • last month


    I have been so busy and absent. The last 3-4 weeks have been taken up with my oldest’s wedding, then college visits with one child, and finally traveling with my brother to help my mom finish out some of her business. I still have to be in the office, which means much is neglected. The garden may be on auto pilot this year.

    Periodically I check in on these threads but have not posted. Thyme, I’ve never noticed your panels before. I love color, so of course I love them! PM, your concrete panel is beautiful, for sure.

    I love shade gardening more and more. Thyme, you’ve got beautiful Really nice. Dicentra Gold Heart is by far my favorite spring flower. Yours give me hope for when mine will be larger in a couple of weeks. One of mine is reverting to green, my biggest one.

    PM, I still think about your berm and how I’m hoping to make one in the future in a particular place. Your sticks reminded me of it.

    We’ve got some things happening. First, the 1000 bulbs I bought are blooming. I know I lost some squill because of the plow man. They need to get bigger and more abundant, so clearly 250 was not enough (that’s so crazy). I bought a mini daffodil (Tete-a-tete) and they bloomed first in the grass at our office, followed by the big daffodils, Ice Follies (thanks, PM) and Carlton. I’ve got some alliums swelling with bulbs.

    My favorite azalea is about to bloom. It’s a small tree form and I think it might be part of the “Lights” series from MN.

    I planted these tulips in 2017, I think. A few of them have hung on, maybe because they’re in a raised bed.

    Last year forsythia buds froze so we got no flowers. They’re making up for it this year!

    Wall rock cress is another spring favorite. It likes this spot, and looks so nice in front of the forsythia.

    This pic is from April, but it’s the cuties teeniest sempervivums pushing through elfin time!

    With the mild winter, I think I’m going to get great hydrangea blooming this year. Winter usually does damage.

    prairiemoon2 z6b MA thanked deanna in ME Barely zone 6a, more like 5b
  • last month
    last modified: last month

    Deanna, your head must be spinning with all that going on, but a lot of it sounds very satisfying. To have one child getting married and another just starting college, are very happy circumstances to be in. And you get to spend time traveling with your brother, that must have been fun! Is the college bound child going in the Fall?

    There are years when the garden has to fend for itself as much as possible and looks like this is one of those years for you.

    Your daffodils are fabulous! That is an amazing amount of bulbs to have planted. Remind me, did you have help putting them in? I love it when someone adds enough daffodils bulbs to really make a visual statement And that definitely is. Wow. So you did get Flower Record, I think you will be happy that they do dependably come back and increase from year to year.

    Now will you have any perennials come up to disguise the dying foliage? And will you be able to leave the grass without mowing until the foliage on the daffodils in the lawn cure?

    Very pretty tulips! I like that color combination and 7 years seems like a long time to have tulips coming back. I thought you had deer? For me this year, it was a very good year for bulbs. My daffodils were bursting with blooms and they increased their footprint. And all the bulbs lasted a good long time. At least that is one benefit of all this cool spring weather! They are just now starting to fade, but I am surprised that a few Daffodils just opened about a week ago and I now have a longer season with the different varieties.

    It must have been a warm winter, because I also had very little winter die back. All the hydrangea and the roses had new growth right to the tips of the branches. Very unusual for me. And all the rain we’ve had, this is the best start to the growing season I’ve had in a long time.

    I’m going to have to take a photo of the layered bed I started with that pile of branches. I also have four overflowing piles of compost that I am layering with them. I ran out of places to make a berm so I started one in an unused veggie bed. My wooden raised beds are 10 years old and this year are falling apart and I am going to have to dismantle them.

    I love your 3rd Forsythia photo with the Rockcress in front of it. So cheerful and colorful!

    That really is a very cute Sempervivum and Elfin Thyme is a great ground cover. You must have the conditions for it.

    I’ve gone back and opened your first photo about 3x…lol. It really is a very successful planting of daffodils. You did a wonderful job of placing them. I think it was the perfect place for them, with that slope and the curve of the bed and the evergreen tree in the background. This is exactly what a planting of daffodils should look like. Sometimes I go by someone’s house and they have stuck 2 daffodil bulbs here and another 2 there. So sad, in comparison to this. Great job Deanna!!

  • last month

    SW CT zone 7A. It’s so nice to see colors popping up! Your gardens are all gorgeous. I got an early start moving and dividing perennials to hold in other areas while these short rock retaining walls were built on sides of our driveway. Some were in these beds with sad boxwoods around. The slope was just enough that dirt and mulch slid onto sidewalk and passing dogs couldn’t resist the boxwoods. Instead of a lush evergreen border a few died every year. We love the new look and have added a lot of natives (Golden Alexander, Wild Pink, Columbine, VA bluebells, Kinnikinnick, rattle snake master, foxglove beardtongue and other favorites: bleeding heart, hellebore, hydrangea). The outer sides are planted with purple love grass plugs for a fluffy border. Hopefully my vision works out!

    The front garden with a more wild look is springing to life. I leave the old stems in place until late May.

    Wild Pinks - new to me this year from a fantastic native nursery Earthtones in Woodbury CT

    This pieris was almost dead 20 years ago (planted between driveway and ac unit. It has gotten very large.

    I also think it will be a good hydrangea year. A lot of buds. I went out early to survey but the rain came in fast.

    prairiemoon2 z6b MA thanked brdrl
  • last month

    Brderl, Those are very pretty rock walls and I think that was the smart thing to do. Why are the boxwood sad? I love boxwood, and had about a half dozen but they are all gone due to that Boxwood blight that I tried to manage for a good 5 years. So, we moved on to a different vision. [g]

    It sounds like you are going to have a lot to look at in the garden all seasons. Something for every season. And a lot for pollinators. The purple love grass edge sounds inspired. I hope you post more photos when your garden is further along too.

    I leave everything intact for the winter too. It is my front bed and I’m lucky that my neighbors don’t complain. They enjoy the garden the other 3 seasons, so that might be why they are so tolerant.

    Your Pieris is a very good specimen. I like the shape of it, it’s very graceful. Is it a certain variety? It looks like the one that Thyme2dig posted a photo of. Is yours fragrant too? Looks very healthy, why was it half dead 20 years ago?

  • last month

    The boxwoods just kept turning brown and little or no new growth each year so I called them sad. I don’t know what variety the Pieris is - it came with the house. It is fragrant but only if you lean in. It was planted in a small area with driveway and walkway on 3 sides and the ac unit blowing on it (it was almost touching). I will post the progress. This is purple love grass matured

    prairiemoon2 z6b MA thanked brdrl
  • last month
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    Thank you for the daffodil compliments, PM. I did not have help putting them in but I did use an auger. And, by the end, I was basically drilling and shoving. I'm sure I lost many because I did not plant them very carefully. I used very creative language while I shoved and stuffed.

    As for the tulips, I do have deer, but these are in a raised rock bed by the house and all I can imagine is the deer don't walk on the driveway to get to them really. So far they are surviving. I am surprised, as well.

    Brdrl, your house and garden landscaping look really lovely. I can't wait to see the results of your vision. As for monarch, how many do you think you had last year? I have milkweed, but my monarch visits have definitely decreased since we had that one banner year a few years ago. I know the overwintering in Mexico this year was even smaller. I do feel very very concerned. I hope all the gardeners getting involved with milkweeds starts to create a good turnaround for the monarchs.

    The pieris looks beautiful. I love how bees are always buzzing around mine. And I see your Solomon seal blooms underneath it. I have none of those in my garden. Do they behave well or do they spread aggressively?

    I had a very exciting gardening event today. I bought several small saplings and planted them in 2018 and then left them to fend for themselves. Almost all of the other saplings I planted have not survived. I'm not very gifted with bushes and trees, it seems. One didn't die until last year, and I have no idea why. But, this little Amelanchier is putting out its very first blooms of this little life this year. I am so excited! It was less than 2 feet when I got it. Of all the red buds I ordered, only one survived, and it is doing well but has never bloomed. I hope it blooms as well. Here is a photo of some blooms.

    On the opposite side of the spectrum, this sulky and spoiled Cherry Cheesecake rhododendron, also planted in 2017 or 2018, who has a choice location protected from wind, etc., against the house, with good sun till just before noon, has barely bloomed and looks like this every year. We had the mildest winter. Seriously, what could these leaves be complaining about now?! Shovel pruning is being considered.

    prairiemoon2 z6b MA thanked deanna in ME Barely zone 6a, more like 5b
  • last month
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    Deanna, You did a good job planting all those bulbs, creative language expected…lol… and barring any unusual circumstances, you should have those daffodils for decades!

    Glad you have a spot that the deer are hesitant to eat your tulips.

    So, the saplings you bought…an Arbor Day selection? You have more patience than I do, I don’t know that I could start out with the saplings. I hope they work out for you and you see a nice growth spurt this year.

    Don’t know what to think of your rhododendron, except that for some odd reason, I haven’t had good luck with them, if that makes you feel any better. [g] I have to have tried at least a half dozen and for one reason or another I have only ONE that I bought last Fall. Here in New England, it should be a given that you can grow rhododendron with ease. It must be me.

  • last month

    I bought them small because (1) they’re cheaper and (2) a small hole is much easier to dig. I have a two big trees, Donald Wyman crabappale and tree form Japanese Willow, to plant at the new office, and I DREAD digging the holes. My one remaining teen will help, but even with him I am NOT encouraged.

    PM, I would miss my rhododendrons, so you make me grateful I have only one sulky one.

    prairiemoon2 z6b MA thanked deanna in ME Barely zone 6a, more like 5b
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    I don't usually mind digging a hole. The keys to the job for me... a comfortable shovel with a handle that is the right height for me/a 5 gallon bucket or multiples to put the dirt in so it's out of the way and easy to put back without making a mess/taking your time, even if you need to leave it and come back later and that also means not filling your shovel so much it is a struggle/If you have help, take turns digging and resting. And I keep putting the potted plant into the hole to figure out when it is the right depth. If there are a lot of rocks I put those in their own container and they get dumped in our 'rock pile' to be used for something else. That's it. Not so bad. And when you are done, and the tree or shrub is well planted right where you want it and watered in well, what a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment!

    I LOVE crabapple trees! I didn't remember you were at a new office. Is that where the daffodil display is? VERY nice looking property if that is the case!

  • 29 days ago

    Deanna - Thank you. We had very few monarchs last year. It is concerning. I work from home and my office faces 2 of the beds that contain milkweeds (3 varieties) so I look for them constantly. They were late last year - I think July 1 was my first sighting. I also plant annuals (cosmos, zinnias, Tithonia) for late blooms. This varigated Solomon’s Seal does not behave! It started with 2 small ones 15 years ago and every few years I would divide and move around. Now they are popping up between walkways, under shrubs, other side of fence (neighbor likes it though). A friend was just saying her redbud bloomed this year for first time in 10 years - I guess they can take a while.

  • 25 days ago

    Deanna, did your favorite azalea bloom yet? Would love to see it. That rock cress is gorgeous. I've tried it a couple of times, but never any luck. Holy cow that's a lot of bulbs!!! That is so strange with your rhododendron? Seems like you've found the perfect spot for it? Maybe just a bad shrub? Shhhh.....don't tell it i said that! I have very GOOD rhododendrons. Just ask the deer how good and tasty they are! YUM!

    Brdrl, love all those natives you've listed off. A monarch waystation! How cool! That's so awesome. Does the purple love grass reseed? It is so gorgeous. If you ever want milkweed seeds, let me know and I can mail about a gagillion to you.

    Shade garden progression. I have a few open spots and am toying with what to plant in them.

    Some combos I like at this time:

    PM2-your Fire Island hosta with the yellow trillium is just stellar. Mixed with the other hosta.

    Also from shade garden:

    From the cottage garden i really like the deutzia with amsonia. I usually let the geranium bloom along with everything but I've cut it all back (it grows through the amsonia too...quite a thug)

    Also in cottage garden, rugosa rose has jumped the fence! Turns out the peony it wants to dance with is the same color so it will be a nice match when they're both in bloom. But i like the buds too.

    In the back gardens Aesculus pavia and a viburnum. Hard to see but the viburnum flowers are quite pink and play well with the Aesculus.

    Not a combo, but this is a Pink Beauty viburnum. Not pink in any way, shape or form. I just chopped down a viburnum in front of this because it was just blocking too much of the pretty layering.

    Golden Lights azalea

    Shot of the top of slope to the street border filling in nicely.

    That yellow rose down there on the trellis is Rosa xanthina and blooms really early. Large single blossoms. I'm going to be in trouble soon becuase it will grow much large than this space can accommodate.

    Looking forward to all the shrub roses that will start blooming soon. They did so well this winter with the mild weather and then all the rain this spring.

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  • 23 days ago

    Thyme 2dig - Your garden looks spectacular! Everything looks so full and lush!

    I really like the Fire Island with that yellow Trillium. I keep forgetting there are different colors of Trillium.

    That Deutzia with the Amsonia is a perfect combo for next to that white fence. And doesn’t that Amsonia turn a beautiful color in the Fall? That Deutzia looks so different then mine. Seems like the flowers are different. Mine are round. Also mine is in a lot of shade, it’s amazing how dense yours is, I assume in a lot more sun then mine.

    I hope you take another photo of the Peony with the Rugosa when they are both in bloom. Red next to the white fence is another hit.

    Aesculus pavia and Viburnum…. I love that too!

    And Pink Beauty is a beauty….lol. You have so much in bloom! May is a good month for you.

    Golden Lights - I think I tried that once and put it in too much shade. I like that woodland type of azalea as much as the others. Pretty color!

    When did you install that street border? It is really filling in nicely…So different then what was there. You and DH did a LOT of work putting that in! And it looks like it’s always been there and compliments the upper slope garden.

  • 22 days ago

    Hi PM2, looking forward to your visit tomorrow!

    the roadside border was started spring of 2021, so it is fourth growing season.

    It really has come along so nicely and doesn't really take all that much time to maintain.

    I was out there this morning for about an hour and tidied up. I would say an hour a week (or less) is all I need down there.

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    So this is the third season with that roadside border, I guess this is the year it leaps!

    Yes, looking forward to seeing your garden today! I don't think I've seen it since you had the Garden Visting Days, how long ago was that?

    I keep thinking we should try to organize a season where we put everyone's garden who visits the New England forum into rotation and we all get to visit each other's garden. But then it would mean I'd have to have my garden ready for company. I keep waiting for that year, when that's going to happen. lol

    I'll try to get some photos of your garden today that I can post!

  • 18 days ago

    PM, good idea on the 5 gal bucket. I’ll bring a couple with me.

    Thyme, my favorite azalea indeed bloomed and peaked over a week ago, picture below! It is just now losing its blooms.

    Now it’s on to my favorite rhododendrons, Percy Wiseman (with some blooming Samabor Geranium Phaeum in front of it)

    And here it is with Towhead azalea, of which I have NOT been fond, but this year they are looking nice together.

    And Mt St Helens, which has only put out one flower so I will post when it has more blooms.

    As for the Cherry Cheesecake sulky spoiled rhodie, a former GWer who was a rhododendron expert said that variety was undependable and finicky, which I didn’t know till after I purchased it. I have had low expectation, but it’s getting ridiculous.

    Thyme, your amsonia is so much sooner than mine. Mine are still in bud. Your viburnums are quite a bit earlier than mine, too, but since there are a million varieties of those, who knows if that means anything. The layered on is BEAUTIFUL.

    All of our rain last year and winter has left us lush. I see it in all of your photos and our area. It is so nice! Thyme, I can’t wait to see what you put in that area.

    My Gibraltar azalea was not pruned in mid-winter by a vehicle, not was it eaten by deer, so I actually have some flowers on it this year. Amazing.

    I have always loved the textures in this view. When the Amsonia hubrichtii gets bigger, it gets even better. Planting the standard macro geranium amongst hostas is one of my favorite combos, but I think it’s possible the geranium are winning, which blows my mind. The hostas have had plenty of rain, and they are not as big as I the past.

    All the rain last year made for a banner lungwort season, with a couple tiarellas towards the left.

    And, lastly, a picture from the new office. I planted alliums for the first time. They look wonderful! I’ll snap some other pictures from the office if I can. Everything is still young, but it’s coming along well. Still LOTS of open space, but I know in time it will all be planted. In time.

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  • 18 days ago

    Such wonderful pictures everyone! Everyone's garden is looking so lush and green. I love this time of year!

    Okay, I simply MUST get a Percy Wiseman. I've been saying it for years and Deanna I think your photos have finally pushed me over into the "buy" camp. If I recall, there have been reports of this not being a very vigorous rhodie, perhaps a bit underperforming, but yours looks lovely. And the color - wow. I think this is definitely going on the fall purchase list!

    Thyme your garden is gorgeous as always (love the Fire Island!), and brdl yours is really coming along - those stone walls are beautiful! PM2 thanks again for keeping these monthly posts going. I know I don't post much but I do enjoy reading them and they are such a help when planning out a new bed or new purchase.

    Thank you all for sharing your gardens! I have been very lax in the photo department this year but do so enjoy seeing everyone else's photos lol!



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    Good morning - Last day of May! That went by fast!

    Well, I'm sorry to say I didn't take one photo at Thyme2dig's Garden over the weekend. I don't have a smart phone, and I was going to take my camera and forgot it at home. And we had the dog with us that we were focused on keeping out of the beds and a short time schedule, so I didn't even think of a photo until I was home. lol I'll have to depend on Thyme2dig to take more photos and post.

    But simply saying her garden is beautiful just doesn't seem to be enough. She and her DH do an amazing job on that garden. Everything was pristine. So much to look at. Her newest border along the street is a great beginning and I can imagine how it will fill in with the coming years. A lot of color and texture and so many different plants. Not all of which were in bloom. I'm hoping for photos of the roses when they do start blooming.

    And she has an oak tree in the front that is limbed up high and a Climbing Hydrangea going all the way up to the lowest branch. I've always had a soft spot for Climbing Hydrangea. Then to top it all off, she has a fence in the back - where there is another Climbing Hydrangea all along the length of it. They were not in bloom either, so again, need a photo when it does! And the hydrangea has an entire bed of daylilies in many varieties all along it. BIG bed. I think she is planning an Open House in July when they are in bloom, which should be spectacular.

    I went to her last Open House and they removed some trees in the back since then and I can't get over what an improvement that made. SO much more sun and light. It had gotten a little claustrophobic and now it feels open.

    Other special plants...a Calycanthus that is as big as a multi-trunked tree with large blooms on it. A very large Kalmia framing one side of a patio that was covered in buds ready to pop. So many Vuburnums in full bloom. And one thing that you can't rely on getting a photo of are the birds! SO many beautiful birds. I saw a Gold finch while we were there and I could hear a lot of bird calls, some of which I didn't recognize. And of course, there is the cat and her kittens that live in a wall in the garden and interact with the family.

    If she has an Open House in July, it is well worth the trip!

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    Deanna, looks like your garden is in full spring swing! I also like all the texture in your photo with the Hostas and the hummingbird feeder. The Rhododendrons look great this year. All this rain has made everything look so lush.

    It's so nice that you have another garden to work on, at the office. Different conditions and a clean slate. You must be having fun!

    Dee, I'm glad you are still following this thread. It isn't easy to fit in taking photos. You need the right conditions. On a nice day that is good for photos, it's also a good day for working, and that's what wins out. I usually think of taking photos on the days it's rainy or gray. I don't like the photos I take on gray days, so I need to do better too. Plus sometimes I feel like not a lot has changed in my garden and I've probably posted photos of everything I have every year. lol OR, I have a mess of a project I am in the middle of that I don't want to take a photo of. I'm just glad some New England gardeners have photo ready gardens we can look at.

  • 17 days ago

    Deanna, i am laughing out loud about your post. We have the same taste!

    Last fall I bought ’Percy Wiseman’. Deer devoured it and I had 2 blooms. Also purchased 3 ’Towheads’ which the deer devoured. Just this weekend I picked up ’Mt. St. Helens’ (you know, because the deer dont have enought to eat!” I just went out this evening to spray the entire yard with Liquid Fence. It works well……ahem…..when someone doesnt forget to use it!

    Does that geranium seed all over for you? I absolutely LOVE it, but it is seeding in the middle of so many of my plants, which just makes me sad.

    Your shade bed is gorgeous! So many textures and colors. Do you have any favortie alliums? Im thinking of planting more. I guess I didnt know about the foliage dying back before they really get going with the bloom, so I have to be more careful about planting to hide the foliage a bit. Noticed it with my alliums this year. I have had ’Millenium’ for a long time and those never have foliage die back.

    Is that Centaurea with the alliums? That dark purple? Whatever that is, I am in love with it!

    PM2, such a nice visit! Thanks for all the nice things to say about the garden. It is always so nice to have a fellow gardener to walk around with and get new ideas. It was so great to see you! Yes, now that i have figured out the whole iPhone picture thing I will be sure to post as the next round of blooms get going. I have to get some iris pictures before they are all done!

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    I just noticed TODAY is the last day of May! lol So I have some photos for May instead of putting them in the new June thread. The sun came out this morning. It was 46F and even sitting in the sun with a turtle neck and sweatshirt...I was cold.

    When I was making up the June thread, I looked back at the June thread from previous years. A couple of years ago, I was starting to work on this bed.....I was just adding some new hostas. I had a NOID Hydrangea on the left there, but it flopped so bad I decided to change it.

    I had a 'Pink Diamond' Hydrangea in another bed and it wasn't doing well there, so I dug it out last fall to move it. It dropped all it's leaves after we moved it and I thought it was dead, but it came back this spring! A little late, but plenty of new growth. The lower part of the branches look bare, but there is some new branches starting from the base and I can't think of a reason the lower branches won't fill in too. And I think it will have a much more upright habit.

    This is a close up of that Hosta that I was planting in the 1st photo.

    But, I'm still not happy with this bed. I think it is not deep enough.

    Iris blooming with Kolkwitzia in the background.

    I know I posted a photo of Basket of Gold earlier and I thought you might like to see what it looks like after it blooms. It's covered with seed heads, I'm wondering if it will reseed. And the small pink flowers are Ameria. I want to get more of those.

    As always, Kolkwitzia covered in blooms and making the front yard very fragrant.

    'Sagae' Hosta is very upright.

  • 15 days ago

    PM2, i think that bed looks fantastic. You've done a great job and I think it's deep enough and looks GREAT!

    I love your Kolkwitzia. So nice you have a large space for it to really shine. THe iris look fantastic with it. Really like the photo with the iris in the foreground (we must have been on same wavelength....see June thread).

    Thank you for my basket of gold. I've really been enjoying it and the seed heads on yours looks great. It bloomed its head off! I've added a thrift this year and am thinking of getting more as well. Such a nice little plant. Tom bought Grandma a really tall thrift which I didn't even know existed!

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    Thank you Thyme. That bed is at least one project that is just about done. [g] I'm not going to start making it

    Glad you are enjoying the Basket of Gold - wait til next year! I didn't know there was a larger Thrift either. I used to grow these and gave up on them because they would look so ugly in early spring. But I was watching them this year and I trimmed the old growth back as tight as I dared and the new growth quickly covered that over. I'm happy with them and they fit that position, I just need more and they are too close to other plants right now. But I like them. They also keep pushing out flowers for awhile.

  • 8 days ago

    Awesome, Thyme! I ABSOLUTELY ADORE my Percy Wiseman and Mt St Helens. MSH is nearly impossible to find here. In fact, the last one I bought I could tell had been around for years because the tag was exremely faded and you could tell the roots, and soil had occupied the pot far too long. I think it should be sold more. I just love these tri-color blooms:

    My deer have always left PW, MSH, and Towhead alone, but for some reason they chomp away on Gibraltar, which is merely on the other side of the driveway. In fact, this is the first year I've had lots of blooms of Gibraltar.

    Diggerdee, PW is my best performer with the exception of the 10-15' tall grand dames, whatever variety they are. I have had two Nova Zemblas since 2017 or 2018, not one single bloom any year. No matter where my PWs are, they bloom full and beautiful, and they handle winter well. leaves get some browning, but blooms are great. The only exception was last year with that weird late freeze. Highly recommended! There are other rhodies that fade from bright pink to white, but for me it's the yellow cream in PW that makes it really stand out.

    As for Samabor, these are the only two plants I far. i would love seedlings. I have some areas where I let Geranium macro go wild, and Samabor would be welcome in those shadier spots. I also had Raven but it died out quickly, not sure why.

    This is my first year having alliums, so no favorites yet. I am happy with how the white ones complements all the blue-lavender-purples shades of late spring/early summer.

    PM, you may not be happy with the bed, but what a beautiful transformation! You did a great job. Such a nice mix of form and texture. I think it's impressive.