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What Plants, Trees, Etc. Catches Your Eye In Your Neighborhood?

17 years ago

Hello there. I live in a very rural area. It is a very beautiful place, but there are some things that just catch my eye. Three things that I break my neck at when I drive by are:

A corner house in the Arletta Neighborhood that has the most magnificent rugosa hedge. When I first moved here I didn't know what it was. (Never seen rugosas in CA. In the Sierras there's something like it.) A friend finally told me what it was. All summer this massive hedge is just covered with the most beautiful burgundy blooms. It is a very well known spectacle around here. It may be Hansa or Rosarie d l'Hay. I swear I'm going to leave a note in her mailbox and ask her.

By my daughter's school there is a perfectly shaped mature Bloodgood Japanese Maple which is next to a Silver Dollar Eucalyptus. The colors look stunning together.

In town there is a really old tiny bungalow house by the water with a huge old heirloom garden. It used to be included in the City Garden Tour, but not anymore. There are old roses, hollyhocks, poppies, and many other things. I am just dying to go peek at their garden. Unfortunately it is all enclosed by a white picket fence.

What things intrigue you where you live?

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