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Gossler Farms Nursery visit...Embothrium purchase

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

I've been drooling over their catalogs since about 1999, and I finally made it there on Monday! I was the only one there (I had made an appointment) and I had Rogers undivided attention. He was a very gracious host, generous with his time. Of course the display gardens were largely dormant, but they are very impressive, with many large, old specimens. The star of the garden on that day was Zenobia pulverulenta 'Raspberry' (might have been 'Raspberry Ripple', but they were labeled Raspberry) . Really outstanding fall foliage color, and similar to some of the evergreen Vacciniums in that they get fall color while also remaining partially evergreen.

Did I buy anything? Yes, Embothrium coccineum, a multi-stem specimen(!), and Helleborus 'Golden Lotus'. Roger has so many collector plants, I could have gone nuts, but I had already picked up a bunch of plants at another local nursery.

We are about to get a period of heavy rain here in the Willamette Valley, at least 9 days in a row. Am I crazy to plant out my new Embothrium now?

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