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I lost my canning buddy :(

17 years ago

Yesterday morning after a 7 year battle with a rare disorder my Father passed away. He never got to eat that tomato sandwich that I grew the ox hearts for. He was a strong man.He wouldn't quit work until he couldn't get out of bed any longer. He was bed ridden, couldn't move anything but his head, ended up on a vent, and fought to learn to walk again.All the while tried to go into work, till he just couldn't walk. He endured weekly treatments that were like dialysis.

He was strong one day and weak the next. They tried every known treatment and nothing helped him. Some things kept him strong for a time, but the meds took a toll on his body. He suffered a ruptured colon, and had to wear a bag. Then he ended up bed ridden again, he did get strong enough to stand just a few seconds, before he ended up with an abscess, and he wasn't the same since. He was close to death so many times and he would bounce back, and say, I scared you didn't I?"

He did get to go home for a short time, but an infection since May 19th, kept him in the hospital, or nursing home since.

In the end his skin would rip off if you touched him to hard, and because of the open wounds he developed a skin infection, along with C-DIFF, the infection was so bad he started to bleed out, and was just to weak to fight any longer. He then suffered a major stroke. He fought until his last heartbeat.

I miss his laughter, he had an incredible sense of humor, considering his circumstances!

He loved that I am learning to can, and was so happy I loved to garden. He was so excited to learn that I grew him his favorite tomato.

I will miss calling to ask him gardening questions and canning Chow Chow together, he would try to help cut the veggies even though he could barely hold the knife.

Brenda, who is so, so sad.

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