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Pressure canned French Onion Soup - Is it safe?

12 years ago

I pressure canned two quarts of french onion soup, with the onions sautéed in a small amount of butter.

It's got an acidic broth from the balsamic vinegar I added, and I pressure canned it for 1 hour and 30 minutes. I ate one jar with my sister for lunch today, and then discovered this evening that you're not supposed to use butter. I boiled the soup before eating it.

There were no signs of spoilage. It tasted just like it did fresh.

What are the chances that I've exposed myself or my sister to something awful? Should I throw the other jar out?

And if I'm not supposed to use butter or oil, am I supposed to make soups and stews where nothing is sautéed at all? And what about the fats in meats?

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