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Thoughts on French onion soup

16 years ago

Remembering back when I was a teenager (in the dark ages!) and it was an extra cost first course at a fancy restraunt. Now I can't imagine eating a steak dinner after a bowl of soup. It wasn't broiled, but just served very very hot with a pile of gruyere and/or parmesan on top of a toasted slice of French bread.

Then eventually, it seems every cafe and steak joint offered French onion soup....for lunch or when ever. It came in a huge crock and was covered with cheese that had been browned like cheese on a pizza in the grill. And somewhere in there the cheese became mozerella....and at certain places it's even that tasteless mozerella served on chain restraunt piazza.

How did that all evolve? world was cancelled, didn't even get a newspaper....I made a big pot of onion soup, from home made chicken broth and...admittedly canned beef broth, real butter, 3 pounds of onions, sherry wine....and topped with a slice of toasted baguette topped with a mix of Emmenthaler and Parmigiano Reggiano...

Oh my! I wanted to share, but those I asked didn't want to go out today any more than I did.

So.....when was the last time you had a really good bowl of onion soup....and how did it come to be known as "French onion soup"?

Linda C

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