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Tonight's Dinner Party, My French Onion Soup . . . and Swim Goggles!

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Every year for the past 31 years, we get together with a number of our good friends for our annual homemade soup dinner party. I started it, as my mom used to do this at our house growing up. She'd make her wonderful homemade chicken noodle soup (with homemade noodles) for us every Halloween. We loved it, and so she was assured that we kids would go out trick-or-treating with something good and healthful in our bellies. She also made us homemade donuts for after. My girlfriends thought it was a fun idea, and so we got together and did this with all our combined kids when they were young. And, of course, the dads, too!

All these years later, our kids are grown, not living at home anymore, and two now even have kids of their own. But, we parents still get together sometime right before Halloween each year to celebrate the season together. Not on Halloween Night itself, though, as the grandparents now go off with their grandkids other places that night.

Anyhoo, we each make a big pot of homemade soup, which varies from year to year. Two of my girlfriends make their fantastic homemade breads. There's salads, desserts, iced tea. I don't like to bake much, and so I bring my pot of soup, a couple of appetizers and wine.

This year, I'm making my French Onion Soup, which everyone loves. It's a long process, as the onions need to sauté for two hours before you even add the beef broth, vermouth, etc. My problem, though, has always been that cutting onions causes me serious nonstop eye pain, not to mention that my eyes tear profusely! Last year, DH bought me a mandoline in hopes that would help. I can cut them faster now, but the pain and tearing still happens. And so today, I got the bright idea to use a pair of old swim goggles while I cut the onions . . . and it worked! And, yes, I've tried every other remedy anyone has ever told me over the years, but they haven't worked. At least not cutting this many onions. Soooo, the onions are now sautéing, and I am pain and tear-free!

Hope you all have a good weekend, too!

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