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Peppers for N. Central Fl ?

14 years ago

I love peppers. I'm not having a lot of success growing them though. Last year I tried Bells, Pimentos, Poblanos, Anaheims and Jalopeno in pots in the spring. All from Lowes except the Poblanos. I got a few Bells, a few more Pimentos and little else. This Spring I planted in ground. The results were even worse. I had a nice crop of Pimentos until they started ripening, then they went from red to rotten over night. Most of my bells never grew over 12" tall. The poblanos look healthy, but no fruit yet.

There are symptoms: A branch has all the leaves wither up and die as if the branch had been broken off. I've pulled up stunted bells with very few roots. Nematodes? Next plant over has a healthy looking root system on a equally stunted plant. Anyhow, If anyone has some cultural tips or can suggest some varieties that do well in this area I will appreciate the help.


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