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growing warm weather vegetables in Florida......confused......

I know that stuff like squash (zucchini and pumpkin are what I want to grow), peppers (sweet bell), cucumbers, watermelons, and green beans (the bush variety) are considered warm weather vegetables. However, I'm extremely confused about something. I thought the months of October-February are considered the time to grow cool weather vegetables. Can somebody please clarify this? It doesn't make any sense to me and I'm really confused......

Yet with warm weather vegetables the planting guides I see for when to plant the above listed vegetables in southern Florida fall within those cool weather months. It doesn't make sense to me to plant vegetables that are supposed to be grown in warm weather months, to be grown in what I think in southern Florida are considered cool weather months with their planting guides.

Here's the listings I found:

Planting Times:

Beans, Bush (southern Florida):Sept-April

Cucumbers (southern Florida):Sept-March

Peppers, sweet bell (southern Florida):Aug-March

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