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3-5-7 or 6-6-4 organic fertilizer

15 years ago

I have a question about fertilizers for my roses. In the past I have used Rose-tone, alfalfa tea and sometimes a liquid fertilizer. Last year I did not get any rebloom on John Davis rose so I called the place I purchased it from. They told me it may have been the alfalfa tea; too much nitrogen. All of my roses are healthy and put out a lot of growth. This fall for the first time I put three year old horse manure down. So with that said to my question; Rose-tone is 6-6-4 but Flower-tone is 3-5-7. What do you think about using flower tone to try for more flowers. How can you shock a rose into flower production? I have heard that pollution will cause more flowers. I think Chicago is polluted enough. Any ideas or thoughts would be great. Thank you. Amy

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