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A Fragrant Bright Red Hybrid Tea?

9 years ago

So I'm planning this flower bed for our back yard patio and my husband says he only wants "real" roses. You know what that means - Hybrid Teas. It is my husband's right since the back yard is his to do with whatever he wants (now the front and side yards are M-I-N-E).

Not a problem. I happen to like Hybrid Teas (just not as much as my Antique & English roses). My husband has a preference for bright colors (orange being his favorite), so the design for the back yard is an explosion of oranges, yellows and reds with shocks of purples and blues scattered about for interest.

The construction of the patio is almost finished. It is sunken down, round in shape with a crescent shaped retaining wall (my cottage is located in a hollow). Along the retaining wall is where the flower bed is located and will get full Southern exposure. The plants go in it next spring.

I have chosen DOUBLE DELIGHT to be the star of this bed. Three of them to be precise, inter-planted in a mixed border with peppers & Roma tomatoes, and fronted by lavender & May Night salvia.

B-U-T there is room for two more roses and Husband wants red roses. BRIGHT, fire engine red roses.

( Sound of car coming to a screeching halt )

I have a rule. I only grow roses that possess strongly perfumed blossoms. Yeah, I know. Ain't no such thing as a strongly fragrant bright red rose.

Red Hybrid Teas fall into one of two categories:

1) Bright red cultivars with little-to-no fragrance (Igrid Bergman, Olympiad, Opening Night, Veteran's Honor) .
2) Sinfully fragrant, velvety dark red cultivars that turn shades of burgundy & purple (Chrysler Imperial, Crimson Glory,.Mister Lincoln, Oklahoma, Papa Meidland).

Well there is FRAGRANT CLOUD, but it isn't a true red (more like an orange-red flushed with this weird violet tertiary tone; fantastic fragrance though).

So I've decided on VETERAN'S HONOR. It is true red, has killer form, and good vigor provided the gardener is willing to spray for black spot. Among the bright reds it offers up the most fragrance: a light-to-medium fruity scent. It just bugs me that I have to break my garden rule.

Why can't hybridizers come up with a bright red FRAGRANT Hybrid Tea?

Image of Veteran's Honor by Seil-z6b-MI at What is the Best TRUE red rose??

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