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Sudden rose death

9 years ago

I've had two roses just up and die this season for no reason I can discern. The first was Mel's Heritage. It was doing very well all spring, growing and blooming after sulking for two years. Then the canes started to darken. Now the plant is completely dead.

I left for the rose conference in England, and came back to find Clementina Carbonieri dry and brown. I have no idea what happened. I would suspect the gophers but it is in a gopher basket and anyway, it is still firmly rooted. The wood of the canes is completely dry and breaks easily. Either this was very fast -- I was only gone three weeks -- or it had started earlier and I did not notice it. That could be the case.

I am hoping it is not one of those devastating soil diseases that will render this part of the garden unusable. In any case, I don't plan to replace either rose until I know more.


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