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sharp/coarse sand to amend clay

10 years ago

Although I've been convinced that organic matter is the best way to amend clay, I have also seen people use sharp sand (NOT play sand or fine-textured) to amend clay and make it better draining.

If I were to do so over a specific area, how much would I want as a depth or percentage, assuming my tiller can go about 8" deep (on the second pass)?

The idea is that I am planting a few things that need very well drained soil. I have an area of the yard that already sits slightly higher than the rest, so I figured if I want to build it up a bit higher, I can either bring in "topsoil" (something I get nervous about, since you never know what you'll really get), or, amend it and add volume, which sand would of course do.

My soil actually tests out as a "clay loam" (almost an even amount of silt, sand, and clay, actually) so it's not THAT bad, nothing like what I've seen other places but still "mucks up" when wet and gets pretty hard when it's dry.

Finally, if I were to do this, what do I need to specify to make sure I get washed/salt-free sand? I don't want to find out I have unwashed ocean sand! I don't even know where most Ohio suppliers get their sand, it may well be from freshwater lakes instead.

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