New Garden Bed preparation question

11 years ago

I live in central NC and over the rest of the fall and winter I want to prepare a 30 x 15 ft garden bed for planting this coming spring. Currently the area contains half tall fescue grass and half weeds. The soil where the grass is located has had grass for 15 years and is "OK" but the soil where the weeds are is hard clay. I see my challenge as twofold with one killing the grass and weeds and the other as improving the soil. I would like to end up with a slightly elevated fertile planting bed (not a raised bed with boarders).

I have looked at the Interbay Mulch system, lasagna system, etc. and they all seem reasonable. But my major concern and question is at this time of year how can I effectively kill the weeds. I can weed eat down the weeds and mow the grass very low. But based on my understanding it is too late in the year for RU, solarization, etc. I also do not see where it is clearly stated that the Interbay Mulch system, lasagna system, etc. will kill weeds. Maybe I am missing that. I hope so! Any guidance would be appreciated.

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