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Indoor garden room wall art. What would you hang?

13 years ago

Daisy's neighborhood photos made me think how bare are the walls of my screened porch. Occasionally, I think about hanging framed pictures, etc, but framed artwork like that is so expensive. Everyone here has a gorgeous garden - or at least pieces of a gorgeous garden. And everyone has a hard drive full of digital photos taken from every possible angle at every moment of every season, so which one would you present at your grand exhibition of garden art? Or to say it another way, which one of your vast collection of digital Rembrandts is representative of your quintessential garden, suitable for framing? Or to quote someone else, which photo have you taken that is "able to open the viewerÂs senses and create a feeling of ambiance, curiosity, and even sacred space" from your garden?

Show us, please.


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