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What "art" would you hang on these entry-way walls?

7 years ago

I am really struggling with this and it's driving me insane. I have these two thin and fairly tall walls flanking our dining room (also to be redecorated so not tied to any specific colors right now.)
The walls are the first thing you see and this is basically our entry way. Right now I have family pictures but I know I need MORE. I'd like to move the family/wedding photos into smaller halls and going up our stairs. I think I'd like something more abstract. However, my style and home are traditional.
I feel like the walls call for 3 large "prints" each, hanging vertically. Like pretty good sizes. Like the size of our wedding picture (on the left wall.) But prints of what? It this were a beach home, I could do something be beachy. But it's not :/
What would you hang on these walls? Inspiration pics would be really appreciated!
Thanks so much!




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