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Please teach me how to grow roses in pots

9 years ago

The roses planted in the ground are doing very well thanks to the advice that I have received here in the last few years.

I would now like to try growing roses in pots. The big caveat is that I do not have space to move them inside in the winter and I am in zone 6b. I know there are others in colder zones who successfully do this. I have likely asked this before but cannot find the thread...

Any good threads I should start with?
I have a million questions:
what size pot (guessing it depends on the size of the plant - what size plant for what size pot)
what kind of soil
how often to water
how much sun/shade
still ok to feed with seaweed
Ok if the pots are onthe concrete or on the grass or do they need to be elevated.
Do I need to put rocks at the bottom of the pot before adding soil for drainage

I am sure I missed other important questions, so any and all advice would be appreciated. Thank you!

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