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Help please. I want to grow some roses in pots in south florida

8 years ago

I know there are several who do this in South Florida including Kublakan and SoFl and MBz10b among others and I am hoping you guys can jump in here and give me some advice.

I lost a couple of roses this past winter and from die back and I have some others that are in decline from some mysterious mat that keeps over taking them along my fence line. Someone told me it is from royal palm trees.... ooooh I hate them, cause the mat is horrible. Anyway I have decided to try to grow these in pots.

I am not ready to bury my pots as I read on a suggested thread. I want to see how well they grow in the pots first before I dig though that awful mat first

Anyway, . I bought some plastic pots from Home Depot The pots did not say how many gallons they were, but they are about knee high and maybe 2 to 2 1/2 feet across.

They have a self watering unit in them and no holes. From my understanding I should take the self watering part out and actually drill holes. If this is correct should the holes be in the very bottom, or on the sides at the bottom.

I am planning on planting hybrid teas and some cuttings that I am getting of Austins. Are these ok to use.

What are you using as your potting mix? Would MiracleGro potting soil be ok? Should I also use some of the water crystals to hold the moisture in the pot better?

Thanks in advance.

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