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Madame Isaac Pereire

9 years ago

This is MME. ISAAC PEREIRE, a Bourbon rose that was hybridized by Armand Garcon in 1881 France. A classic rose MIP has a lot going for it. The blooms are extremely large for an Old Garden Rose. Adequately feed, watered and disbudded for one-rose-to-a stem you can expect the blossoms to measure 3-4 inches in width. The fragrance is INTENSE and everything you could want from a rose. To my nose the bouquet is dominated by a heavy Damask parfume overlaid with a delightful scent of ripe raspberries. The plant shows exceptional vigor and grows very well on its own roots. By her second year this ravishing rose was nearly mature. Trust me, this is unusual for an own root plant grown from a tiny band. Madame Isaac Pereire can be trained as a climber but I find you get better repeat bloom when she is kept pruned down into a manageable shrub. Her only fault is the foliage is susceptible to black spot, which is easily controllable if you're willing to apply a fungicide.

This picture was taken with my Android last week. I have her growing with foxgloves and blue delphiniums. An amazing sight!

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