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Is this Rose Rosette on 'Madame Isaac Pereire'?

AquaEyes 7a NJ
9 years ago

First, a little background on this plant. I received it as a band in April 2012 and potted it up in a 2-gallon nursery liner. It wintered out on my front porch with five others, and is the last to start leafing out this Spring. In Autumn, it started showing new growth on the cane pictured below, with lots of new leaf-buds swelling. These ended up enduring Winter before leafing out, and seemed to have been damaged by frost.

I cut back the cane to its current length of just under 12" in Spring, and it slowly started showing re-growth from the sides of the buds that I thought had died over Winter. New growth emerging from this cane has been slow and appears different from leaves opening up on other smaller canes (which did not seem to want to grow in Autumn, and thus didn't receive Winter damage). So I'm not sure if the strange new growth is a result of damage or disease. None of the other five showed any of this, but the only other which tried to keep growing through Autumn and Winter was 'Belle Story' which has yet to leaf out, but does have a few buds swelling.

I've since moved 'Madame Isaac Pereire' and 'Belle Story' to my front porch, away from the others growing in the back yard. I'm seriously considering throwing both in the trash just to be safe ('Belle Story' came as a mistake, anyway...and I don't think I'd have picked it out intentionally, so that's not much of a loss....and I can easily buy another 'Madame Isaac Pereire' from elsewhere). But I'm wondering if any experienced gardeners can give me advice on what this is. I've been reading through lots of info online about Rose Rosette with what's becoming a hypochondriac's mind.

I apologize for the quality of the pictures, but I am limited to using my iPhone as a camera.







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