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Water pressure drop in on one zone when not used for a while

16 years ago

I usually water my lawn every second day. Out of 6 zones, one will show lower pressure than it should have if I don't water for several day. Obviously, the sprinkler head don't fully extend.

When this happens, I can hear some water 'turbulence' in the valve. If I open the bleeding screw a little, and tighten it back, than pressure goes back to normal and the 'water turbulence' noise goes away. At this point, all heads in the zone fully extend and everything works well.

If I try to restart this valve a couple of hours later, using the control box, then it works well. If I wait a day or two, then the problem is back.

Could air in the system cause this problem? Could this be caused by a slow leaking head? One that is lower than the other heads and the valve?

I can't easily identify the valve brand and type. It is an in-line valve. It is gray. There is only a black bleeding screw on top and a black solenoid on it.

I changed the solenoid but my problem remains.

Thanks for any advice. Feel free to be as technical and detailed as possible in your explanation.



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