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El Cheapo Irrigation system. QUESTIONS

16 years ago

Hello guys and girls. I have been watering my plants the old fashioned way for a couple of years now and as I get more planted areas it is taking longer and longer plus I don't think I'm really getting deep watering using a hose.

I am considering some sort of sprinkler system it would have to be a DIY project since I can't spend 1000's to have someone install a system for me.

I was doing a little research online and came across the lawn band system seems pretty good but 50 foot sections would't cover a lot of area. I think it might start getting expensive to do my front and back yard. I guess I have about a 1/4 acre total front and back.

My other thought was to just run regular garden hose underground and attach sections of soaker hose in planting areas and then attach more garden hose and then more soaker hose.

Can I run soaker hose like this..

RH= Regular Hose SH=Soaker House

Spigot---> RH-->RH-->>RH--->>Plants-->>SH SH SH--->RH RH RH---> more plants --->>SH SH SH etc....

Can I just cut Regular hose and use repair kits to get the desired lengths or will this work at all?

I like the idea of EVERYTHING being under ground with no visable sprinkler heads and the Soaker Hose approach seems to accomplish this.

I am looking for any suggestions on this. I would like to get the basic system installed and then add a automatic timer.

Another thing to consider is my water pressure isn't super high so is the soaker better or worse for this?

What do you think.

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