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Need to have a GH built by Dec, please help with ideas.

8 years ago

Hi all,
I'd like to build a GH myself, just more fun and probably cheaper, too. My backyard has an area on the southside of house that can accomodate a GH that's about 10' wide and 12' deep, plus/minus a few feet, but that's the starting dimensions I'm thinking of. The height can be as high as I want, but I'm thinking 10' or so should be OK. All these numbers are open to be changed. The site already has concrete that I think is about 2" thick.

I'm thinking of erecting a frame with treated redwood, what dimension is recommended? Please help with the following questions:

[1] Can the 4 corner posts be 6" x 6", or is that too thick?

[2] How many verticals should I place between the 4 corner posts, every 2', or??

[3] What's a good way to secure the GH to the concrete floor? I can drill holes through the concrete and use some type of fasteners/stakes, but what kind?

[4] For the panels and door, I was told polycarb is best, is it? What's a good place to get them?

[5] For venting, I'm planning on Bayliss window openers, what's your opinions on those?

[6] Heating, propane heater a good choice, or do you recommend something else?

I have a bunch of potted tropical fruit plants that I want to shelter in the cold months, and allow them to continue growing. I've been bringing them inside the garage in years past.

Thank you very much for any advice/tips that you can provide. I'm anxious to get started.

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