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Greenhouse Orientation, which way to angle an odd shape?

2 months ago

I'm buying a greenhouse that I plan on putting in my backyard. Below is a link to the greenhouse.

I'll have the front of the greenhouse facing south, as this is the way it will be best situated in my yard. Notice that the greenhouse is 16' wide, 13' deep. So the front of the greenhouse will face the sun, not the roof panels. The sun will still hit hte roof panels, but I've read that the roof panels should be oriented perpendicular to the sun's angle mid winter. The way I am situating the greenhouse means the sun will hit those roof panels on an angle, and hit the front panel directly all day.

I have succulents that love sun, so the more the merrier.

What amount of difference will this make for my plants? I'm wondering if this can be quantified.

I do have plans for ventilation in summer and heating in winter, which should all work out just fine. My main concern is how much light I'm taking advantage of.

If it's relevant to this discussion, I'm located in a suburb of Chicago (5B)

Thanks for any help or advice!