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Trying to combine two rooms into one large kitchen but very odd shape

3 years ago

Currently have a kitchen that is located at the top opening in the dining room. That kitchen is roughly 10x21. Due to bearing walls and other reasons, I can't open it up. Decided to take the current dining room and formal sitting room, remove the middle wall (non-bearing) and create a large kitchen. The gstorage on the left is currently storage in the garage but figured I could turn that around and use it for a walk in pantry. The front windows are 1 ft. off the ground and would prefer to keep them that way unless I figure an amazing reason not to. The current kitchen was recently remodeled and has an electric 24" cooktop, 36" fridge, and double oven/convection microwave. I wanted to add another oven and prefer gas so figured I would add a 36" gas range (Bluestar if I can afford it). Due to how new the electric range is, I figured I would still use that as family gatherings can be over 50 people so having enough burners to warm food would be great (and since I have the room, why not). Not going to be starting for another month (that's when I close on the house) so below is my 2nd design I came up with. It shows the configuration as it sits now, the current plan, the wall dimensions, and the opening dimensions. I'm not married to anything, just wanting a kitchen that is great for entertaining and feels like home. Open to any/all thoughts, designs, etc. and truly appreciate any/all help. Oh, the one odd thing (to prolly most everyone) is you'll notice there aren't any upper cabinets. I'm not a fan of uppers and was planning on having shelving on the walls (type, amount, etc. still to be determined). Cheers

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