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Layout needed for odd shaped kitchen

8 years ago

We have a 1960 "V" shaped ranch and the kitchen and dinette are in the "V" we want to make the whole space kitchen. We are in need of fresh eyes for layout advice. I would love an island and i think we have the room for one in the old dinette space. There is a large window there that will be replaced in the next couple weeks with a sliding door the same size so we can access the deck. The door on the left in the dinette goes to the basement and garage the one on the right is a closet. I think we should remove the wall from the dinette to the dining room. We would like to keep the doorway in the kitchen by the wall oven, it is close to the living room. We could loose the hall closet (on the other side of the fake brick wall in kitchen) but if we do I have to replace that closet in the house somewhere. All of the cabinets and counters are coming out and we need to replace the window over the sink. I thought i could upload more than one photo so I just uploaded the layout. I will try and add photos later if it will let me

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